June 17, 2014

Ring Of Honor Boiling Point

August 11, 2012 Rhode Island Convention Center - Providence, Rhode Island

Mixed Tag Teams Match

"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards & Sara Del Ray vs. Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis


June 16, 2014
Seth Rollins sold out for a Nike deal I guess? #RAW

June 16, 2014
That is total freaking BS!!!! Grrrrrr……Roman should be in the match!!! #RAW

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June 16, 2014


So, tonight at the ECW Arena was a show called, fittingly, Wrestling With Disaster. Myself and Referee Phil Sly decided to attend, against out better judgement. For those reading, please bear in mind - no one loves wrestling more than Phil and I. We dont go to shows just to shit on them. The problem with indys in the Philadelphia/Delaware valley right now is….you just cannot escape the shadow of ECW. Every indy show has either an ECW theme, an ECW match, etc. No new talent on these shows has a chance to get over because all anyone cares about is Blue Meanie. Is it over? To a degree, yes..which is why they keep doing it. But its also a turn off to a large portion of the fanbase - this show was promoted like CRAZY here….Flyers and such were all over the neighborhood for weeks, and I would say this show drew 500 or so fans, not even close to a sell out.
This was not a good show though
Without any further ado, here is the recap. Its a bit long, but there’s lots of comedy in it because….well, you make your own fun sometimes. Jahmale Hepburn Dennis Long Bret No Filter Newbold and all my other friends here - sit back and enjoy what we had to go thru tonight :
a. Show began with a “dark match”. A dark match? Is this an iPPV or something? Nick Diandramos (? the acoustics in the ECW Arena were below par tonight) vs Eddie Van Hazard. This show was a combination show of old ECW legends and newer guys from The Monster Factory. Van Hazard came out wearing a Sheild vest and the place immediately groaned. Literally the very first spot of the match was an armdrag and a HUGE CLOUD OF DUST came up off the mat - did you ever see old clips of the Mummy from Smoky Mountain Wrestling , where you hit him and “2000 year old dust” went flying off of him? Thats what this was like. Diandramos won in about 3 minutes. These guys have to be the lowest level of rookie, because ref John Finnegan told me that they were practicing how to lock up before the match
—-Next up was an in ring promo from Gary Wolfe, who was instructing the fans on how to cheer, do the old ECW chants like “You fucked up!”, etc. Is this an iPPV, again? Why are they doing this? We finally figured out they are filming this for a documentary
—-And wrestling with disaster strikes! Now, the guy who promoted the show comes into the ring and BURIES the production crew for something, telling the crowd to let them know “they fucked up”. He did not look pleased at all. The show was then delayed between 5 and 10 minutes and no one knew what was happening. At this point it was 7:49, the show was advertised to begin at 7, and we had had one three minute match
1. Production issues fixed! first match was Danny Doring pinned Bilvis Wesley in 8 minutes of an absolutely terrible match. Just terrible. First 6 minutes were a Larry Zbyszko special - not even a lock up. Doring won with a legdrop off the rope, and appeared to legit injure himself on the move because he could not stand up straight and needed some help getting out of the ring while holding his back and hip.
2. 3 Way Dance - Jimmy Jact Cash vs Somebody The Punisher Martinez vs a guy whose name we didnt get because of the acoustics. About one minute in, inexplicably, someone backstage started playing the drums really loud, so we had a musical interlude during this match. This lasted well over a minute of someone banging away on a drum set. the unnamed guy went into the ropes, which were way too loose, and he almost killed himself. Then someone started playing the drums AGAIN. This show. This distracted us and when we looked we couldnt find the unnamed guy. is this an elimination match? Cash only knew 3 moves which he kept doing over and over. Martinez did the Roman reigns punch, then missed a spear. The mystery guy suddenly appeared and gave the worst Shining Wizard of all time. The crowd booed lustily. Cash pinned the mystery man for the win. This was also bad but they tried
—-next up was a Hall of fame ceremony. First Al Snow inducted Blue Meanie. Meanie then held up his aware, which looked like one of those forms you would get in grade school when you were “Student Of The Week”. Jason Knight inducted The Pit Bulls. I should mention the video they aired before this was pretty good. Tod Gordon inducted Scorpio. Shane Douglas was the 4th guy, but he instead cut his straight out of 1996 doing nothing but cursing heel promo and left. This went on forever. At this point, Ref John Finnegan came over to us and was openly complaining about the show to Phil and I. “We’re not going to get out of here til 1 am! There’s 11 matches on this show!” Phil nearly had a stroke at this revelation. I should mention that Finnegan is a personal friend of Phil and I, which is how we wound up with him for a bit
3. Blue Meanie, Little Guido & Al Snow beat Mike Spanos, Mark Cruz and GREY WOLF (from THE KINGDOM OF FIRE AND ICE!). Joel Gertner was tremendous doing the ring intros here. Match was fine. Ususl comedy spots involving the ref. After the match, it led to this hilarious exchange with the guy sitting right in front of us :
GUY : (To Phil) - “Hey didnt you come to our shows in Allentown?”
PHIL - “NO. Why do I look familiar?”
GUY - “Yea”. Awkward pause for a few seconds. “Would you like to come to one of our shows in Allentown?”
PHIL : “No, not really”
4. In a match for the MONSTER FACTORY Title, champ Brutal Joe Gibson pinned Dr Lamar Porter. the Monster Factory Title was nicer than most of the title belts in WWE. Porter came out and Phil and I nearly died because we thought it was Jazz Kumar. Match had a totally weird ending - Gibson clotheslined Porter, who tried to do the 180 degree flip I guess but didnt make it and landed right on his head nearly killing himself and was immediately pinned. He was knocked senseless, couldnt move for minutes, everyone was in the ring trying to get him out……and the PA system was playing “BANG YOUR HEAD” from Quiet Riot. I swear, this show
5. next was Shaheem Ali vs TYLER FULLINGTON. Yes, that Tyler Fullington. Sandman’s son was missing spots all over the place to an embarrassing degree. Somehow this morphed into a tag match when new Jack ran in, but I didnt see it because I was too busy buying Japanese magazines from George Mayfield’s gimmick table
—finally it was intermission…at the two hour and twenty one minute mark. Ugh. To make it worse a HEAVY METAL THRASH BAND came out and screamed their way thru 4 songs. This explains the drums earlier
6. Lance Anoa’i pinned Cory Kastle. People around us were openly complaining about then show during intermission. Before the match began, Phil turned to the girl sitting next to us and said “Would you rather watch this show or watch me put on Axe Body Spray?” The girl actually laughed. As if that comedy wasnt enough, I received a text from ROY LUCIER during this match that said “What the fuck. I take my wife out for a nice romantic dinner in downtown Sacramento and lo and behold its fucking crowded everywhere due to gay pride day”. Me and Phil howled. This was a good match, best on the show so far
7. And then there was this - it was the Shane Douglas vs Pit Bull Gary Wolfe DOG COLLAR MATCH. Phil and I were immediately distracted by this mega hot black girl sitting directly opposite us. Almost immediately it was a Jahmale Hepburn favorite - the unprotected chair shot to the head. Shane did a pussy juice job - I bleed more when i cut myself shaving. 70% of the match was a brawl outside the ring that you couldnt see. The crowd lamely chanted ECW. in a hilarious spot, these guys are double juicing and brawling outside, and ring announcer Steve D’Angelis recognized a friend of his in the front row and he calmly sauntered over and struck up a conversation in the middle of this brawl. These two were so slow it was like they were fighting underwater. All of a sudden the bell rang and they announced a TIME LIMIT DRAW. in a DOG COLLAR MATCH. The crowd chanted 5 more minutes and Shane said “Fuck you” and left. One of the worst matches ever.
8. get a load of this 6 man - Cliff Compton, the fat Samoan who was a tag champ in WWC, and SAMOAN SAMU, who is all banged up and can barely move beat Angel from Da Baldies and THE POWERS OF PAIN. Match was ok at best. MORE COMEDY - Blue Meanie’s girlfriend comes over to talk to us for a bit. She’s like a pretty cute nerdy looking girl, totally out of place going with him. She has a real nice rack than Phil and I were openly gawking at. She walks away and I say “I like her….I love that nerdy librarian look”. Phil responds “Yea, but she’s got hair down there front to back, dude”. Two complete rows of people just exploded with laughter
9. Finally, the main event - Scorpio beat Sabu and Afa Jr in a 3 way. Afa subbed for Jesse Sorenson. Sabu had a sidekick they called YUSEF, which immediately led to me and Phil talking about Cat Stevens for five straight minutes. Match was pretty good but at this point no one cared and some of the crowd was long gone.
Show ended 6 minutes shy of 4 hours. Way too long. After the show we went to the diner and New Jack was there. I offered Phil $50 to walk up to him and say “I love the psychology in your matches!” but Phil wouldnt do it

June 16, 2014
Ben Askren: ‘If Nick Diaz Can Stay off the Pipe, Maybe I’ll Fight Him’

Ben Askren believes taking down Nick Diaz would be as easy as taking down a “wet paper bag.”

The former Bellator welterweight champ has yet to fade into obscurity despite being shipped off to the Singapore-based ONE Fighting Championship in a lucrative two-year, six-fight deal.

MMA fans continue to scratch their heads at the notion that a fighter with back-to-back NCAA Division I wrestling titles and an undefeated professional record has yet to earn a spot on the UFC roster. Despite fighting in ONE, Askren often entertains questions regarding possible dream fights against current UFC fighters.

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(Source: bleacherreport.com)

June 15, 2014
Eric young is still the champion #Slammiversary

June 15, 2014
TNA Logic: Let Styles, Sabin, Daniels & Kazarian go to save money… TNA Logic: Bring MVP & Lashley in who are probably earning more

June 15, 2014
Eric Young has developed into a credible champ. I hope he gets more time to run with the ball. #Slammiversary

June 15, 2014
The Dallas Cowboys players don’t seem to care that some TNA guys are crapping on there team! #Slammiversary heck they probably agree with them

June 15, 2014
What a shit finish. #Slammiversary

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